“Cantik Macam Selalu.”, Nina Iskandar Kongsi Muka ‘Serabai’ Masa Bersalin, Peminat Puji Tetap Cantik!

Baru-baru ini, pelakon Nina Iskandar ada memuatnaik satu rakaman video di laman Instagramnya.

Bintang Andainya Takdir itu telah berkongsi pengalaman pertama kali melahirkan cahaya matanya pada 23 Disember yang lalu.

“Memang tiada rupa waktu berpantang ni but I couldn’t care less.

I wanted to share how my confinement journey’s been like so far! And I wanted to spread the love, to tell those who are going through confinement, that you’re not alone. Let’s do this together!

My baby is sleeping so ada masa sikit to make this video.

@aurakasihhq“, kongsinya.


Meninjau di ruangan komen, rata-rata peminat tetap memuji kecantikan yang dimiliki pelakon yang berasal dari Brunei itu.

Terdahulu, Nina Iskandar telah mendirikan rumah tangga bersama seorang penolong pengarah pada April 2019 dan dikurniakan seorang cahaya mata lelaki, Ar Rizqin.



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[APPRECIATION POST] Alhamdulillah, I have officially been discharged. It was a traumatic yet unforgettable experience for me to be in the main OT just to have my baby out, having me prepped up for the procedure along with not only a few but quite a lot people than I had expected in the OT. People who had only introduced themselves and whom I just had to trust then and there. (Of course besides my OB Dr) I am a person full of “uri”. I have anxiety. Imagine the fear. And how nervous I really was. But these people weren’t just people, they were my life savers. Although I was alone as my husband couldn’t be by my side as it was done in the main OT, these people were my “family” in the OT – and though I was in great fear and was (literally) shivering to the bone, they tried their very best to calm me down and remind me that everything would turn out OK. Alhamdulillah it did. Syukur, Allah SWT permudahkan segalanya. A BIG THANK YOU to the OB team, the Cardiac team, also to the team of Anesthetists and Pediatric team for being with me through all this and making sure everything went well. THANK YOU also to all the Nurses and Midwives of Ward 35, who took great care of me & my baby during our stay at Room 9. To my Lactation Consultant, thank you for your time. My baby is content. To my beloved Family, thank you for all the love & support. ♥️ – To my dearest husband, thank you for going through everything with me and never leaving my side. I know you’re just as tired as I am but never once have you complained or given up on a single thing. You’re one in a million. Thank you everyone. Just thank you. I really couldn’t have done it without each & everyone of you. ????♥️

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